Preparing the Plastics for Installation:

Before you can properly install your new graphics to plastics you would need to properly prepare your plastics surface. If your plastics have old graphics, they will need to be removed. Heating up old graphics with a heat gun or blow drying will help to losing the old adhesive. All surfaces, especially brand-new plastics, need to be wiped and cleaned using an appropriate adhesive removing solvent. Using methylated spirits or a contact cleaner will work well for this.

*Please note that heat can be used to help apply graphics. Applying heat will help graphics bend and conform to complex plastic shapes. However, use heat sparingly. Graphics material reacts to very little heat, so over heating will make adhesive possibly fail and distort graphics in conjunction with installation. If possible, it is recommended that you remove plastics from bike before installing graphics.

Graphic Installation:

1) Correctly identify the graphic part with the corresponding plastic piece. The graphic should be a similar shape to the plastic.

2) After the graphic is line up with the plastic. Begin by peeling of a corner of the backing paper of graphics and stick that part to the plastic.

3) Gradually remove more of the backing paper and stick more of graphics to plastic. If graphic is becoming miss aligned, peel back graphic off plastics and realign.

4) Repeat step 3 if graphic is starting to ripple or not properly confirm to complex plastic shapes.

5) After graphics are completely installed on all plastics, lightly apply a little heat to parts to help adhesive set up.

6) To get the longest life out of your graphics it is highly recommend that you wait 48 hours after installation to let the adhesive set up.